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IMES Project Procurements 

  • 12.04.2016The supply contract for the difference batch no.2

  • 19.10.2015: the Supply Contract for Batch no. 3 was signed

  • 15.10.2015: the Supply Contract for Batch no. 2 was signed

  • 26.08.2015: opening offers for Batches no. 2 and 3. It has been submitted an offer for each batch. 

  • 23.07.2015: Contract award notice no.160075/23.07.2015 for Batches no. 1 and 4.

  • 11.07.2015:  The participation announcement no. 161165 was published in SEAP. The opening of the tenders will be on 26 of August 2015.

  • 29.06.2015: Signing the supply contracts for Batches no. 1 and 4.

  • 23.06.2015: opening offers for Batches no. 2 and 3. Lack of offers. The procedure will be resumed. 
  • 09.05.2015: Regarding the Aquisition of Equipments and Specialized Goods (Batch no. 2 - Cars and specialized equipments for interventions and Batch no. 3 - Boats) on May 09, 2015 was published on the participation announcement no. 159342.

  • 12.03.2015: at Teleorman County Council headquarter the bids for the  Aquisition of Equipments and Specialized Goods were opened, within ”Improving the management of emergency situations in the cross border region (IMES)” project.

  • The batch for the acquisition were as follows:
    • Batch No.1 - IT hardware equipments, Communication and Warning Systems, IT software (basic software and licenses) 
    • Batch No.2 – Cars and specialized equipments for interventions 
    • Batch No.3 - Boats
    • Batch No.4 – Water filtering Station 

The offers have been made only for batch 1 and 4. Thus, for batch no. 1 was submitted one offer and for batch no. 4 two offers were submitted. Currently, the received offers are under evaluation. For the 2 and 3 batches the procurement procedure will be repeated.

  • 28.01.2015:  Regarding the Aquisition of Equipments and Specialized Goods within the project, on January 27, 2015 was published on the participation announcement no. 156774.


Procedure type

Stage acquisition

Acquisition name


1. Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of catering services  SC TabCris ProdCom SRL Alexandria
2.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of mobile phones services  SC ORANGE Romania Bucuresti
3.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of delivery office supplies   SC EVSTAR COMPUTERS SRL Alexandria
4.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of informational events organization services  SC NEVA Expert SRL Targoviste
5.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of publicity events organization  SC TELE MEDIA PRES SRL Alexandria
6.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of publications and promotional materials provision  SC GRAPHOTEK EXPRES SRL Tecuci-Galati
7.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of technical assistance services  SC EUROPEAN FUNDS INVEST SRL Bucuresti
8.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of web portal development services  SC NEVA Expert SRL Targoviste
9.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of translation services      SC EUROSCRIPT CERTITUDE SRL Bucuresti
10.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of audit services  SC EXPERT CONT SRL Piatra Neamt
11.  Direct acquisition  Concluded Acquisition of interpreting services  PFA Sima Daniela - Alina 
12.  Open tender
Acquisition of specialized equipments and goods, as follow:  

Concluded  Batch No.1  SC Mira Telecom SA - SC Transcedence Systems Group SRL Associasion
Concluded  Batch No.2   SC Gradinariu Import-Export SRL
Concluded  Batch No.2  SC Romprim SA
Concluded  Batch No.3  SC Mira Telecom SA - SC Transcedence Systems Group SRL Associasion
Concluded  Batch No.4  SC Mira Telecom SA - SC Transcedence Systems Group SRL Association
13. Direct acquisition Concluded Services for supporting evaluation process for the open tender, in order to award the public procurement of specialized equipments and goods.


14. Direct acquisition Concluded Services for conceiving, creation and broadcast of a radio campaign


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